Mrs. Linda Bogan

Luke McClatchy

The new Assistant to the Director of Dining Services is already enjoying her time working at Malvern.

Assistant to the Director of Dining Services Mrs. Linda Bogan began her job at Malvern this summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s her first rodeo.

Bogan grew up locally in Havertown. She worked at her mother’s bar named Craig’s Tavern for 17 years.

“I mostly dealt with the receipts and counting the money, the inventories and back room sales, and occasionally I was a bartender there and even worked in the kitchen for a small period. But it was great working for my mother,” Bogan said.

She began working elsewhere after her mother sold Craig’s Tavern.

“I was at T.E. Middle School previously working in their cafeteria for the past four years. It was great, but I left this past June to come and work at Malvern,” Bogan said.

She says the people are her favorite part about working at Malvern.

“I really enjoy working here at Malvern, all the people here are really nice and great to me,” Bogan said. “The kids are definitely my favorite part about working here, just being around them and interacting with them. I just enjoy it.”

Her list of responsibilities as Assistant to the Director of Dining Services may change a bit depending on the day but stays rather consistent.

“It’s really whatever Mr. Gray tells me to do I do truthfully, but really I’m the head cashier and I’m in charge of the end of day sales reports, and I help out with the stocking in the kitchen and inventory too,” Bogan said.

She says she is almost prepared for the hordes of Malvern kids buying lunch this school year since she experienced similar situations at T.E. Middle School.

“There were about 1000 students there so I had some experience there,” Bogan said. “The real issue is getting used to the register, it hasn’t given me any problems yet but I haven’t served any patrons yet only really taken in money to start the school year.”

Malvern students will be seeing a lot of Mrs. Bogan this year.

“I’ll be out there five days a week, working the register during breaks and lunch,” Bogan said. “I think I’m getting there for preparing for the lines.”