“Little Shop of Horrors” features puppets, rock music


Steve O'Meara

For the first time, Malvern will be doing a musical in the fall instead of a play.

On August 29, Malvern Theater Society (MTS) Director Dr. James Fry announced via email that the fall MTS show would be the musical “Little Shop of Horrors.” Since then, roles have been selected and practices have begun with sophomore J.D. Triolo playing the lead, Seymour Krelborn.

Little Shop of Horrors, scheduled for November 3-4, 10-11 is the first fall musical that the MTS has ever scheduled. The fall production is typically a play with limited, if any music.

Without getting into the plot too much, “Little Shop of Horror” is about a florist shop worker who discovers and raises a flesh eating plant that comes about during a solar eclipse.

Fry is excited about the upcoming musical, and explained why this would be the year to start having two musicals. “The feedback that I got from students is that they enjoy the musicals a lot and they enjoy doing those a little bit more than a non musical,” Fry said.

In addition to being a musical, there are a few new challenges regarding the actual play itself.

“There is a new type of technical piece to this in the puppets, which we haven’t done before,

which is a new challenge that I think we are ready to tackle,” Fry said.

The musicals are more appealing to some students, but it is also easier for the director to cast interested students in a musical, according to Fry.

“It is also very difficult to find high school appropriate non-musicals to perform that have a cast bigger than eight to ten people without creating roles,” Fry said. “I pick a show that is ultimately best for Malvern, and I would say that the show is guy heavy, and I’m confident that students are going to do the show, and if they don’t, we will figure it out.”

One major problem that could have occurred would have been the lack of female auditions due to the fall musical “Mary Poppins” scheduled at The Academy of Notre Dame for the same opening weekend as “Little Shop.” However, Fry said he is not worried about a lack of girls due to the majority of male roles in the musical.

Sophomore J.D. Triolo received the part of Seymour in the play. “I’m real excited, because more people come to the musicals, because more people know about the musicals,” Triolo said. “Everyone who auditioned has been in shows before.”

The theme of “Little Shop of Horrors” is also very different from the musical Malvern performed last spring, “Les Miserables.”

“It’s kind of rock and roll genre music, a lot different from ‘Les Miserables,’” Triolo said. “Buy tickets [for the] first and second week of November