Top 10 Worst Christmas Traditions


Rowan Cabahug-Almonte

It’s time for Christmas mayhem, and with all the good there is in the holiday season, you will also get the worst of it.

From the fat man himself to the small gimmicks you see everywhere, here are the top ten worst Christmas traditions that make one cringe harder than someone with trypophobia looking at a beehive.

  1. Christmas Lights

Of all lights these have to be one of the worst ones. I am not talking about lights that match, are a nice color, or are not too bright, I’m talking about the lights that look like a bag of gumdrops and burn a hole through one’s retina. These lights will cause your stomach to turn. These lights are with colors that don’t match. These lights cause your OCD to go through the roof.

  1. Antlers on Cars

I’m sure all of you have seen these on the road. That Prius next to you has those odd things on the roof. These are brown, have bells, and belong on a deer—not a car. These antlers are aesthetically displeasing. You haven’t even seen the person driving but you know for a fact who they are. Though an annoyance, antlers are a personal decision.

  1. Christmas PJs

In the bottom of your dresser under all the clothes your relatives gave you over previous holidays, you have a set of red pajamas with either candy canes, snowmen, Santa Claus, snowflakes, or maybe everything. You wear these once a year and hate them.

  1. Antlers on dogs

As I take a walk in my neighborhood, I see one of my older neighbors with his dog. That poor thing is wearing a pair of brown antlers with red bows made of a plastic a kid made in a sweatshop. Antlers are meant for deer and only deer during christmas time.

  1. Secret Santa

Every year, siblings pass around a hat with 8 torn pieces of paper with scrawled names. After each person receives a name, they immediately tell someone who they got and eventually Secret Santa is no longer a secret. Secret Santas never work. You end up spending too much money, and no one gets what they want.

  1. Santa Claus

Santa has to be the absolute worst Christmas mascot. He completely distracts those celebrating Christmas from what it’s really about. Santa is such an odd character. I have no idea how he is supposed to be even close to the birth of our Lord and Savior.

  1. Christmas Music

One of the only things on this list that is occasionally likeable, Christmas music during the right time is one of the best features of the holiday season. The problem with Christmas music is that as soon as the holiday season is over, christmas music is a sad reminder that you have to wait another twelve months to have the fun you have from December 25 through January 1.

  1. Christmas Movies

Christmas movies are so appalling I could have made a separate list just on these. Every time December hits, ABC Family (now Freeform) plays the ol’ classics–as in only three good ones. There are too many bad ones to name. All of them have the same theme, plot, and types of characters.

  1. Frosty the Snowman

Even worse than Santa. Frosty represents an inanimate piece of snow that can move. This mascot makes no sense and again misrepresents the meaning of Christmas.

  1. Christmas Cookies

If I could have anything else to eat–literally anything–I would. Seasoned themed cookies are always the worst. I’m not talking about the homemade ones your mom burns and puts too much flour in. I’m talking about those you get at your local grocery store that are either literal rocks or the ones that crumble when you accidentally blink too loud.