Wait Until That Clock Hits Triple Zero

Joe DiSipio

Though many Eagles’ fans have been disappointed in the team’s performance this year, everyone had something to look forward to in Super Bowl XLVII. In the preceding two weeks, every news outlet had a different, intriguing headline. We heard the expected questions: How did the Harbaugh brothers feel about coaching against each other? Would Patrick Willis really rise from poorest of the poor to Super Bowl Champion? Could Flacco get it done? How would Ray Lewis end his career? But we also heard the wacky:  Would Destiny’s Child reunite at halftime? Why does Ed Reed look like a 70 year old man, and play like an animal? What is deer antler spray?

With all these questions swirling, anticipation was high as Justin Tucker lined up for the opening kick. As the game began, there were no surprises for those who believed in the strong arm of Joe Flacco, and the will of the resilient Ravens team. After an opening drive touchdown to Anquan Boldin, Joe Flacco looked more like Joe Cool for the rest of the second half as he would lead his team to a 21-6 lead. After an impressive catch and run by Jacoby Jones to end the half, the Ravens felt good, real good. The 49ers could only head to the locker room and hope an impressive “Beyonce” performance could spark their second half performance.

Beyonce was lights out, as were all of Destiny’s Child and her many CGI back-up clones. And as the second half began with a record breaking 108 yard kickoff return by Ravens receiver Jacoby Jones, all 49ers hopes seemed to black out. Soon after, the Superdome did just that. After an outside power surge about half of the stadium lights and much of the teams electronic equipment powered down. Over a 37-minute delay, the lights slowly but surely began to turn back on. The lights were not the only thing that surged back as a resurgent 49ers team looked for redemption behind the swift feet and tattooed arm of Colin Kaepernick.

In a 4 minute and 10 second span, San Francisco scored a whopping 17 points on touchdowns by Crabtree and Gore and a second chance field goal by David “Green” Akers. While playing stout defense and forcing a few key turnovers, Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers looked to take advantage of their momentum. The 49ers looked to continue their rampage on into the 4th quarter as they now looked at a 28-23 deficit. Shortly after the start of the final period Flacco once again drove his boys down the field to secure a Justin Tucker field goal. Two minutes later we watched Colin Kaepernick run for the longest 4th quarter touchdown run in Super Bowl history. We now had a game on our hands as the 49ers brought the game to within a field goal after being down 22 points shortly into the start of the second half.

The ensuing drive saw Joe Flacco once again handle the pressure and bring his team on a clock- eating 4-minute drive for another Tucker trey. Things were real interesting as it seemed to be the perfect set-up for a classic Super Bowl winning drive led by the new iconic quarterback of San Francisco. But Kaepernick didn’t do it. Kaepernick brought his boys down to the goal line where they stalled giving the Ravens 1:46 and plenty of field as they looked to burn the clock. Still the game went right down to the wire as John Harbaugh decided to send his punter scrambling around in the end zone with twelve seconds left in the game to bring it down to 4 seconds. Even down to the final punt, the Niners had a shot. In the end, however, it was the Ravens day.

As we look back, the things that may or may not have cost the 49ers the greatest comeback of all time were the waste of a timeout early in the half and a controversial “no call” on their final offensive drive. But these things didn’t win or lose the game for one team. This game was won by an outstanding performance by Joe Flacco and the Ravens defense. Baltimore powered through even when it seemed all energy had seemed to have left the building. The questions that are asked before the game are never the same asked after, and no one could have guessed that we would witness one of the best Super Bowls of all time. Though Jim Harbaugh and his 49ers team did not come out on top, they put on one of the best performances of all time and taught us all a lesson to never give up. As Ray Lewis put it to Ray Rice with just 4 seconds left in the game, “Wait until that clock hit triple zero first.”