Tommy Simpson

Garrett Hallinan

With family ties in the faculty and a heavy involvement in extracurriculars, the freshman already feels right at home.

Three years ago when freshman Tommy Simpson was an eleven-year-old sixth grader, he turned off Warren Avenue and into campus for the first time as a Malvern student.

However, he was not the first in his family to wear a Malvern uniform. His father Mr. Paul Simpson, who is the Director of School Counseling at Malvern, graduated in 1988.

“Luckily, he is not my teacher,” Tommy said. “I feel bad for the kids whose parents are their teachers.”

However, the younger Simpson recognizes the benefits to having his father nearby.

“In case I ever need a ride, he is always there,” Simpson said. “There is always a place where I can drop my stuff off or grab a snack. It is nice how he’s there and he’s not so close where it is annoying.”

Along with his friends and role models at Malvern, Simpson has another strong support system—his family.

“My younger brother is Daniel, he’s in sixth grade,” Simpson said. “Caroline, my younger sister, is in eighth grade. Then my dog is Tucker, he is a yellow lab. My dad is Mr. Simpson, and my mom works in stocks with my uncle, who is senior Peter Borger’s dad.”

Having his father there has helped Simpson acclimate to Malvern’s environment, but much of what he has learned and done at Malvern has come through his own endeavors.

“I signed up for a bunch of clubs, most of which I had to take off because I’d signed up for too many,” Simpson said. “Right now, I am a member of Impressions, Young Politicians Club, Theater, and Liturgical Music.”

Initially, Simpson was reluctant to become part of the Malvern Theater Society. But after seeing the fall production of Little Shop of Horrors, he wanted to join.

“I did a couple of the middle school shows,” Simpson said. “but I knew that it was a much larger commitment in high school than in middle school. So I did not do the fall show but I did the spring show.”

Simpson is grateful for the relationships that he has established through different Malvern activities.

“The activities and sports have really helped me connect with older guys, really good role models, and guys who can help me out with making the adjustments on and off the field,” Simpson said.

Outside of school, Simpson enjoys doing a variety of things. “I like to play with my dog; I like listening to music; I watch sports, especially college basketball; and I like hanging out with my friends,” he said.

Along with watching college basketball, Simpson focuses on the Philadelphia 76ers.

“[Joel Embiid] is one of the hardest working guys out there, and he does not feel entitled to anything,” Simpson said. “Rather, he works for everything that he has and I think that is really special.”

Simpson related Embiid’s personality to the community at Malvern. “The fact that Embiid is a great guy on and off the court, where he has a community atmosphere, can relate to Malvern.”

The Malvern atmosphere of community and brotherhood can be felt anywhere on campus. But for Simpson, he senses it most on the balcony of Duffy.

“It is a place where you can overlook the whole campus,” Simpson said. “It is nice because it is quiet. You can sit down, take a nap, but then also get homework done.”