Dan-Dan Noodle: A hidden gem in Devon

Ethan Surocvik

Dan-Dan Noodle has finally expanded, and it’s the Asian restaurant the Main Line has been so desperately needing.

The original Dan-Dan (located at 16th and Walnut in Philly) had almost a cult following.

The way they expanded and evolved their restaurant for a more traditional “Main Line crowd” was pulled off with style and elegance, and is worth taking note of. While the Devon location of Dan-Dan heightened the style and swanky vibe, they did not increase the price of their food. A high-end vibe, great food and affordable prices—sounds almost too good to be true.

As stated earlier, the decor of the restaurant is chic and trendy. I would say the main seating area is nice enough to make Dan-Dan a possible competitor to the fabulous (and much more expensive) NECTAR. While NECTAR may be one of my favorite restaurants on the Main Line, the price of their food can very pricey.

Dan-Dan serves a traditional Taiwanese/Chinese cuisine, with a focus on the noodle side of those cuisines. My only gripe with the menu is that there is no sushi. Sushi would be a perfect appetizer for most of the dishes served, and I see it as a major missed opportunity. However, I am almost okay with that, as some restaurants who try to serve too much variety usually see a decline in food quality. The staple appetizer are the Dan-Dan noodles, a must try if you visit. They are a combo of fresh noodles and spicy beef, and they are extremely addictive. Another dish to try to is their classic chicken fried rice.

I usually like the more interesting dishes that a restaurant can offer, however this rice is so savory I end up getting it every time I visit. The Dry Pot Dish (with chicken) is another must try. For a heated dish, the spicy chicken is surprisingly tender and is very good as a shared plate. The Kung Pao dish is another classic Chinese-American favorite, and unsurprisingly,  Dan-Dan pulls it off while keeping it classy. Something to note is that most dishes seem to have a good amount of spice to them, which some people may not enjoy. However, you can ask your server to tone down the spice if you can’t handle the heat.

I am very fond of this restaurant because they manage to pull off something rare. Quality food, in an upscale place, and an affordable price. You can get an appetizer, a entree and a few drinks for around $20, which is shocking to me. Before Dan-Dan opened their Devon location, someone who wanted to enjoy quality Asian food would have to venture down to road to other places. NECTAR in Devon (another amazing place), has slightly better quality and vibe, but with one catch: the price. You could get a similar meal at Dan-Dan, whereas the same would cost you around $150 at NECTAR.

Overall, this is an amazing place to grab lunch with friends, or have a casual family dinner. It all sounds too good to be true, but it’s not, and that is what makes this one of my favorite places around.