Announcements 4.4.14


Good Morning, Malvern! Today is Thursday, April 3.
It is a Day 2, A Schedule

**Young Poets Club**
There will be another meeting of the Young Poets Club today in Carney 202 at ninth period. As always, everyone is invited to attend.

**Intramural Schedule**
Midwest — Morehead St. vs. Nebraska @ 3:00
South — ITT Tech vs. FGCU @ 3:00
West — USC vs. Gonzaga @ 3:20
East — Penn State vs. Slippery Rock @ 3:20

**Upper School**
Would you like to view the new school day schedule? How about see a what a roster looks like in the 8 day,that is right, 8 day rotating schedule?
What is School Community Time? What does one period of a “Sliding Lunch” look like?

We would like to publicize a forum for students to view the school day schedule, some sample student rosters, the current community time proposal, and to interact with teachers regarding these developments. This will occur at a dedicated table during upper school lunch periods over a two day period. Those days will be Tuesday, April 8th and Thursday April 10th. You can ask questions and voice any concerns about these proposed changes. Look out for the New Schedule Table in the Lunch Room.