Stock Market Game entertains, educates students


Ryan Kennedy

Mr. John Ostick and students explain the benefits of being apart of the Stock Market Club

Ostick describes that the game gives students a chance to see how events around the world affects the stock market

“One of the nice things about playing the stock market game is that it gives students the chance to have some competition,” Ostick said. “[Students also] look at the economic things that are going on in the world and how that affects price of companies.”

Even though AP Econ students are playing, Ostick opens up the Stock Market Club for people of all experience.

“Some kids are really really knowledgeable of it and others are not and the stock market game is… for both groups,” he said.  

Since the stock market game is in real time, Ostick has observed that students enjoy the game because it’s accurate.

“Students seem to have fun playing the game because they see real results its very authentic in terms of being live and in real time,” he said.

Students can play in groups and have thoughtful discussions on methods they can use, Ostick shows that students can build off each other and improve while playing the game.   

“Students with meet with like minded students who are also playing, they’ll share their strategies and their stories about investing at this particular time in the game,” he said.

Charlie Fish, a junior in Mr. Ostick’s AP Econ class says that the connection between the stock market game and AP Econ helps him when playing the game.

“I think the connection with his class and the Stock Market Game is really good to relate one another to each other,” Fish said. “It’s really great to apply some of the things that you learn in his class to the stock market game.”

Collin Munyan ’21, one of the leaders of the stock market game, says he plays the game for both fun and preparation for adulthood.

“I like being part of the stock market club because it simulates a part of the economy that is going to be most likely a big part of my life in the future,” he said.

Ostick doesn’t just run the class so that students can have fun, but so that they can also be educated in real life circumstances.

“The reason why we do it here because it gives exposure to real life situations that students are going to be doing for the rest of their life,” he said.