State of the StudCo

As the second semester is in full swing, Tommy Brecker ’20 gives insight on his accomplishments and how he will end the year as Student Council president.

Ryan Kennedy, Friar Life Editor

The first semester is full of the traditional Student Council obligations, like the pep rally and homecoming, but Brecker feels in the second semester he will be able to bring some of his own ideas into action.

“The first semester is always busy with the Pep Rally and Homecoming, so that’s more traditional student council stuff that happens every year, but this second semester the ideas that we have, we are going to bring back,” Brecker said.

The two big ideas that Brecker and the student council are excited about are the new senior lounge and the revival of Friday Morning Rallies.

“The senior lounge should be starting back up again soon, we are bringing back FMRs, and those are the two ideas that we are really excited about” Brecker exclaimed.

Brecker and the student council have been working all year on events such as the pep rally, spirit week, and the dodgeball tournament. Brecker’s hard work paid off and all of these events ran smoothly and efficiently.

“We had a great Pep Rally, Spirit Week, although hectic at times, I think the point system was really good. The dodgeball tournament went very smoothly” said Brecker.

Improving the lunch schedule, specifically the notoriously large third lunch, was on Brecker’s to-do list. However, the sheer amount of work needed to reschedule the whole school proved too much and Brecker had to drop it.

Brecker said “One big thing everyone wants to change is the lunches because third lunch is always too packed. We were told it probably wasn’t going to happen, we did try, and it didn’t work out.”

Brecker hopes part of his legacy will be the senior lounge, the return of FMRs, and all the great events the whole student council put on.

“(I want to be remembered for) the senior lounge, and we hope everyone likes the FMRs in the second semester, just for all the events that we put on,” he said.

As for the specifics of the senior lounge, Brecker is still in the works. Seniors should expect to be notified in the (hopefully) near future about the upcoming senior lounge.

“We’ve been talking with Mr. [Ron] Algeo [Assistant Head of School for Student Leadership] and trying to coordinate [the senior lounge], it’s probably going to end up being the resource room down in Carney since it’s not really in use anymore,” Brecker said.