Impact of the Saint Augustine Center

Ms. Pamela Engle and Mr. Gregory Brinn from the development department, weigh in on how the new building is helping them in their field of work.

Ryan Kennedy, Friar Life Editor

Ms. Pamela Engle, the Director of Annual and Leadership Giving, says she is leveraging all the excitement around the new building.

“We’ve seen a lot of opportunities to leverage the new building and piggyback off the excitement that has already been created,” Engle said.

Engle uses the new space to host events, bring alumni back to campus, and even to show the space off in private tours.

“We are really trying to piggyback off that [excitement of new building] and use that for Stewardship initiatives. Whether that’s Mr. [Matt] McManus [Director of Alumni Relations & Athletic Development] doing events there, or that’s bringing alumni back to campus, or even if it’s just private tours,” she said.

The impressive new building allows donors to see that their donations made an impact. Engle says the best way to get people to donate is for them to be able to see what they contributed.

“It’s easier when you give a donation when somebody says to you, ‘We are about to purchase a new computer,’ and when they see that computer is there it’s, ‘Oh, okay my gift made an impact because I see it,’” Engle said.

The new building, Engle says, is the best way to show off how a donor’s gift is directly impacting the students here at Malvern.

“Especially having the building here, it really is easy to say, ‘Come and see the space, come and see how we are enhancing the learning experience of all these students,’” she said.

Mr. Gregory Brinn, Director of Development & Partnerships, says the new building is now the premiere hosting space at Malvern Prep.

“From a development perspective, it’s been fabulous. It allows us to post events in there, to bring our alumni, parents, donors, and all of our community back into a top-notch, first-class space,” Brinn said.