Senior Class Successfully Coordinates ‘Mock Wing Bowl’ Prank


Jack Marchesani

The Student Body crowds around tables as the seniors compete.
The Student Body crowds around tables as the seniors compete. J. MARCHESANI

On Thursday, the seniors coordinated a ‘mock wing bowl’ as their senior prank, paying tribute to their last day of classes. The event took place in the center of the quad during 6th lunch.

As students headed towards the cafeteria on Thursday for a typical lunch, many found themselves in the midst of an unexpected and seemingly unplanned event due to the tension in the air and a crowd of students in the quad. Many claimed to have smelled wings and even seen a set up in the Duffy Center prior to the actual event.

Beginning at the start of 6th period lunch, students and faculty began congregating around the center of campus. Heads popped out of windows of Carney, ignoring class and focusing on what was to come. Seniors walked across the campus, only to be met by suspicious looks from Mr. Dougherty and Mr. Poce, who had taken a post outside of Stewart Hall to try and deter any prank-related activities.

As the clock ticked on the possible senior prank, disappointment, not suspense, grew. Many began to believe nothing was happening. Mr. Dougherty even began dismissing students back to lunch or class, only to have the students shout at him for ironically walking on the grass.

Suddenly, there was sound.

Across campus, streaming from the O’Neill center, a group of seniors blowing vuvuzela horns and holding mock protest signs saying things such as “Wings do evil things,” and “Talbot 3:16,” ran out onto the quad. The seniors ran down to the bottom of campus by the St. Augustine statue.

Meanwhile, angry teachers made threats to underclassmen regarding participation in the whatever was to occur. As the seniors ran around campus screaming “USA,” teachers and students began to believe that this was all there was to it. Many were disappointed.

“It’s a distraction!” someone shouted. Heads turned. As many (including the faculty and Mr. Dougherty) focused on the seniors running in the front of campus , the seniors leading the prank were setting up tables and chairs in front of the Duffy Center. Just as they had run down in the other direction, the students headed up towards the quad.

It had become clear to many that those who ran down to the bottom of campus were actually picking up wings delivered from PJ Whelihans. Meanwhile, senior Nick Wells and others had pulled out tables, folding chairs, and a microphone plugged into an outlet in the Duffy Center.

“As you can see the idea was for a wingbowl for a senior prank, and we did that,” said Wells. “There were a lot of moving parts. We had a Facebook group about a week ago to start signing people up. Security guards. The swim team for…what they do best. We obviously needed eaters. After all those people signed up it was only a matter of getting the wings in.”

As the tables came out, so did seniors dressed as bodyguards, swimmers dressed in speedos, and the six participants. Senior Chris Isenberg jumped onto a table, picked up the microphone, and the event began.

In three rounds the seniors ate wings while the swim team, dressed in bowties and pink speedos (to mimic the women who lead WMMR Wing Bowl), held up signs for each round. Seniors Tim Dagit, Brian Beck, Tutti Galantino, Matt Brown, Billy Bevevino, and Jeff St. Amour all competed in the competition, while the student body crowded around the tables.

Mr. Dougherty and Mr. Algeo stood amongst the students to make sure things didn’t get too out of hand.

About 10 speedos and 150 wings later, we had a winner. Alex “Tutti” Galantino had eaten 20 wings. Galantino, a grown man and rugby player, was only 343 wings short of the record set at the WMMR Wing Bowl by champion competitive eater Molly Schuyler,  a petite woman about half Tutti’s size.

“There was a minute there we didn’t think it was going to happen,” said senior Zach Whitlock, who helped Wells with set-up. “We had to march down and get the wings. Me and classmate of mine went to the car. I’ve never felt so empowered the minute I pulled those greasy, warm, delicious wings out of the trunk. Then it was just a matter of getting back there, avoiding Doc and Poce, and getting into a speedo.”

Whitlock, as a member of the speedo-wearing swim team, is completely alright with being objectified. “If we were not,” he said, “we would not have come out in pink speedos.”

“I’m proud of the senior class,” said Whitlock

Wells says that he “knew the administration was trying to prevent it and keep order,” but “doesn’t feel they did anything wrong.”

No serious consequences are expected. After the event had ended, Mr. Dougherty asked the seniors to clean up. Connor McNeill was rumored to have said “300 rts and I’ll clean up. No joke.”

Senior Chris Isenberg rallies the wing bowl crowd / J. MARCHESANI
Senior Chris Isenberg rallies the ring bowl crowd / J. MARCHESANI