Artist of the Issue: Mike Shrader ’15


Mike Shrader

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Mike Shrader
Mike Shrader

Get to know one of Malvern’s most talented and creative artists, Mike Shrader.

Malvern senior Mike Shrader is one of Malvern’s most gifted and skilled artists. You probably have seen his work posted on the walls of the Duffy Center. Mike is very dedicated to his work and was in the studio art room while this interview was completed, spending his free time drawing.

BY: Where are you from and why is art a large part of your life?

MS: I’m from West Chester and I went to Saint Simon and Jude. I took art classes there and kind of enjoyed it. I thought it was a nice little hobby. When I came to Malvern freshman year, I was offered to take Studio Art I and I thought it was a great opportunity to see if art was a passion of mine. After taking studio art freshman and sophomore year, I found that art was an easy way to take a step back from my day and relax. After that, I have taken studio art all throughout high school.

BY: So you have taken studio art all through high school? What have you learned in your experiences?

MS: I’ve learned how to really be creative and think outside the box. Obviously with art, in order to create a successful piece, you have to be creative in yourself and find out what you do best. So, I have learned how to use my talents to the best of my ability.

BY: What kinds of experiences, teachers and pieces you have made, have had an influence on you?

MS: I had Mr. Muntz my first three years and this year I have Mrs. White. Mr Muntz really knew me. He was a very relaxing teacher. When he threw a project out it was easy to just get into them and relax. Just the atmosphere of the art classrooms at Malvern have influenced me.

BY: If you were not at Malvern would you have had the same experience with art in your life?

MS: No. Malvern’s experience with art, especially with the new Duffy Center and all the tools we have here, I don’t think I’d even come close to the experience I’ve had at Malvern.

BY: From any of the classes you have taken, what project have you enjoyed the most?

MS: We had a project last year, where we took a picture of our faces in a pose we chose in a really big piece of a charcoal drawing. That really helped my classmates and I with figure drawing. I really enjoyed it.

BY: Of everything you have learned here at Malvern, what do you hope to take to college and your future life?

MS: I think art is an important skill to have. Say in the business world, you can help with marketing and advertising. It’s a good skill to have. You can apply being creative to anything to help you be successful in life. Those are the skills I am going to take from art, especially at Malvern into my future career.