Prom Hits the High Seas


Jack Marchesani

Spirit of Philadelphia –

Prom is one of the most anticipated events of the Spring. With students counting down the days until they can get down on the dance floor, it’s one of the most important days for juniors and seniors alike.

Last year’s prom was at Drexelbrook, a local special event venue. This year, prom has been relocated to a new place and to a new element. Prom 2015 will be on the Spirit of Philadelphia.

“It all began with the calendar,” said Prom Committee Chair Pat Coffey ‘15.

According to Prom Committee’s Faculty Moderator Miss Zbrzeznj, it was brought to the attention of the committee that Prom had been scheduled the night prior to SATs. In trying to be sensitive to students taking the test, they decided to change the date – which led to exploring other venues.

“After we’d debated about it, it came down to the Spirit [of Philadelphia] and the Union League, a club in Philadelphia,” said Coffey.

The committee decided that the Spirit of Philadelphia would be a more unique option for this year’s prom. They took a day from school in order to go meet with representatives.

“We all loved it. I think this prom will be incredible,” said Coffey.

According to Pat, the boat will feature two dance floors, and the food choice will be a buffet. Seating will be inside on one of three levels. With three decks outside, Prom this year will be complete with scenic views straight out of James Cameron’s Titanic.

Coffey hopes that the rest of the student body is excited as he is for such an incredible prom decision. “To be honest, we’ve never done anything like this,” he said. “If everything goes according to plan, this could be the best prom yet, and one students will remember forever.”


CORRECTIONS: October 28, 2014

The October print edition about Prom on the Spirit of Philadelphia quoted Coffey that Prom was on an SAT Day. According to Miss Zbrzeznj, Prom was originally scheduled for the night prior to SATs.

The October print edition reported that two dance floor and two DJs would be on the Spirit of Philadelphia for prom. Miss Zbrzeznj confirms two dance floors, but does not confirm two DJs.

The October print edition reported that seating would be inside or outside. Miss Zbrzeznj reports that seating for dinner will be inside.

The October print edition quoted Coffey on a price range for Prom. According to Miss Zbrzeznj and Dr. Fry, the price for prom has not been set.

The October print edition referred to Miss Zbrzeznj as Mrs. The correct prefix is Miss.