Faculty Feature: Mr. Stephen Dall

Ted Holleran

Malvern’s newest faculty member is the Upper School latin teacher Mr. Stephen Dall. We sat down with Mr. Dall for an exclusive, and got to know all about Malvern’s own magister.

Mr. Stephen Dall
Mr. Stephen Dall

TH: Tell us about yourself.

SD: I’m married and I live in Devon. I’ve got three children and three grandchildren. One of my sons is an artist in France and the other is a coordinator in East Africa for Malteser International, a Catholic relief organization. My daughter is in Germany. My three grandchildren are in France.

TH: What are some of your hobbies?

SD: When I feel inclined to, I write poetry. I enjoy trying to work out a rhyme. There’s a captivating challenge to it, involving the condensation of the message and the use of the words in the most efficient way possible. I also enjoy walking my dog.

TH: Where did you go to school?

SD: For high school, I went to Chestnut Hill Academy and the Hill School. For college, I went to Princeton and Villanova while majoring in Classics and English. I also played football in my freshman year of college and played rugby for all three years after that.

TH: Where have you worked before Malvern?

SD: After graduating college, I taught in New England at the Berkshire School. After that, I returned to the Hill School to teach. Then I taught at Haverford for four decades.

TH: What did you teach at Haverford?

SD: I taught Latin, Spanish, and years ago I also taught German. They’ve dropped it since. I also coached both the football team and the lacrosse team. And yes, I do remember playing against Malvern. Those games were always close.

TH: How did you wind up here at Malvern?

Well, I was originally retired but I decided to come out of retirement and come back to teaching. This return has certainly been very invigorating. Anyway, I knew of Malvern through Haverford and a couple weeks ago I received a call and learned of the opening here. The rest is history – or rather, Latin!