Artist of the Issue: Thomas Colaiezzi ’18

Andrew Stetser

We’ve all had that class freshman year, just to “knock out our ___ credit”, but for Thomas Colaiezzi ‘15, that course led to a passion he never would have expected.

Thomas Colaiezzi '15
Thomas Colaiezzi ’15

You’ve seen him on the basketball and tennis courts, but this year, you’re more likely to catch Colaiezzi in the Duffy Center, for more reasons than one. We spoke to Tom about his love for the arts, and in turn, he gave us some wise words that all students of Malvern should hear.

BFC: How have you been involved in the arts at Malvern?

TC: I graduated from Ceramics IV, and know I still throw for fun. I took Ceramics for a half semester both my freshman and sophomore year. During my junior year, I took a Ceramics class for both semesters. This year [senior year], I am one of the chairmen for Empty Bowls.

BFC: How did you first get involved in Ceramics?

TC: Basically, I took it my first year, just to get my art credit out of the way, and I was horrible at it. During my sophomore year I figured, “I already did it once. Why not do it for the rest of my art credit?” Then I really liked it, and it was fun, and I realized that I wasn’t too bad at it. I continued to take it my junior year, and I absolutely fell in love with it. From junior year on, I was at the open studio probably everyday.

BFC: What do you think was your favorite part about Ceramics?

TC: There are a couple of things. One of these is that school is so stressful that when I’m in the studio, I get to sit back, relax, and everything slows down for a little bit. It’s the perfect stress reliever for me. The other thing is the process of making the art. Being able to make something, and then seeing the finished project is really a unique thing.

BFC: You’re involved in the music program as well, correct?

TC: Yes!

BFC: How did you first get involved in that, and what do you think is your favorite part about it?

TC: It started out junior year. I heard from one of my friends that Liturgical Music was an “Easy A”, so I figured I tried it. So Drew Schantz and I signed up, and we ended up really liking it. It’s a hobby of ours now, and we’re really passionate about it. It’s one of those things that takes the stress away. Who else gets the chance to go sing for thirty minutes everyday?

BFC: You do the play too, correct?

TC: Yes, I do the spring musical. I’m very busy in the fall.

BFC: How did you first get involved in that, and what do you think is your favorite part about it?

TC: I got involved in that actually through Liturgical Music. I just decided that it would be a fun way to get close to people whom I had not previously been close with. I thought it would be a good way to broaden my horizons, which it definitely was. West Side Story was just an overall great experience.

BFC: Do you have any words of advice to anyone thinking of pursuing something in the arts at Malvern?

TC: Really I would say that Malvern is a really unique and great place in that people can come from any background, being a strictly arts or strictly athletic person, and you have friends of complete different interests than you. For people who are insecure or are afraid to try something new, I’d just say that you shouldn’t be nervous. Malvern’s a brotherhood and we’re accepting of all different kinds of talents.

BFC: Do you think you’ll continue arts in college?

TC: I’m currently debating whether or not I’m going to minor in arts. I actually have sent a portfolio to college.

To see Colaiezzi at work, just swing by the ceramics studio during a free period, and check out his leadership at Empty Bowls in January.

Some of Colaiezzi’s ceramic work: