The BFC Music Review

Desmond Papariello

Song to Watch:

The Blacker the Berry – Kendrick Lamar


In Kendrick’s latest song, he takes a hit on racial injustice. Kendrick turns up the intensity calling out racists with black stereotypes. With this, he makes sure everyone knows he’s proud to be who he is. With wicked rhymes, he proves his point. Kendrick even seems to fire shots at police officers with lines like, “I can tell because you’re in love with that Desert Eagle.” He continues to call himself a hypocrite throughout his song. He confesses to killing a black man but also crying about Trayvon Martin.


Album We Love:

Forest Hills Drive – J.Cole (2014)2014ForestHillsDrive

2014 Forest Hill Drive is J.Cole’s most personal album yet. In J.Cole’s last albums he showed he can make commercial rap songs, but on this album he really dug deep within himself. He tells stories of him growing up at 2014 Forest Hills Drive, which was the address of his family’s  house in North Carolina. He recently bought the house so that his family can live there and find their feet like he once did in the music business. The album tells how he moved from North Carolina to New York to pursue his dreams of making it in the music business. The album includes piano melodies, and you can really hear the lyrical ability of him. It is a great album that deserves a listen. here are some songs from the album to check out. Here are some more songs to check out: No Role Modelz, GOMD, Love Yourz and A Tale of Two Citiez.