Malvern Theatre Society is Cutting Footloose!

Jack Marchesani

The cast and crew of the Malvern Prep theatre society have been working hard on their rendition ofFootloose.  This musical is based off of the popular 1984 film about a young man named Ren who, after being abandoned by his father, is forced to leave Chicago and go to the little-known farming town of Bomont to live with relatives.

When Ren discovers that dancing, his favorite pastime, has been outlawed in Bomont by local preacher Reverend Shaw Moore after a fatal car crash, Ren is quick to teach the town how to ” Cut Loose.” Adding to the upheaval, Ren falls fast for the Reverend’s daughter, Ariel Moore, who remains under the watchful eye of both her father and her abusive boyfriend Chuck. Helping them along the way are Ariel’s fast-talking friend Rusty, and Ren’s dim-witted friend Willard.

The cast and crew have been hard at work the last few weeks researching the show, rehearsing musical numbers, and even memorizing a few lines (sort of). The show is led by musical director Mr. Ed Liga, stage director Dr. Jim Fry, assistant director Mrs. Bridget Velardi, choreographer Ms. Pam Devenny, and music direction from Mrs. Lindsay Miller.

Mr Liga noted, “We’re excited for this show. It’s definitely an upbeat one and we’re sure it’ll be a lot of fun.”  He added, “The show is very difficult, but the students are working really hard.”

The show features Joe Canuso as Ren, Villa’s Maddie Eissler as Ariel, Matt Anthony as Reverend Shaw, Matt Magargee as Chuck Cranston, Notre Dame’s Christina Dietzler as Rusty, and Johnny Monday as Willard.

Canuso says,”We are really sure this’ll be a good show! I’ve been a fan from the start and am so happy playing Ren, and I know the rest of the cast is giving it their best!”

Footloose opens Friday, March 1, and runs March 2, 7, and 8 at 8:00 PM in the Duffy Center.  Tickets are $17, and stay tuned for information regarding a student rate.  Come to the show to get “knocked of your tractor!”