Movie Review: Ex Machina

William Schaffer

Ex Machina, a movie about artificial intelligence, will blow your mind.

Ex Machina
Ex Machina

While theatres may be flooded with avid Marvel fans ecstatic to see Age of Ultron, I went to see a less showcased but certainly very thrilling movie.

Ex Machina revolves around the philosophical idea of the “Turing Test” which decides whether artificial intelligence can truly think on its own and be considered human. This test is determined by the person’s agreement or disagreement of whether the A.I. is thinking on its own. While the movie doesn’t have any Super Heroes smashing and dashing through buildings and such, Ex Machina offers a very interesting take on what it would be like if an A.I. actually existed and had interactions with people.

Every minute builds up to an extremely intense climax that will leave you with a dropped jaw (not joking this actually happened to me). Ex Machina does an incredible job of making due with the small budget the film was given while still providing an intense thriller that ruminates the idea of real life artificial intelligence. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who’s intrigued by the idea of A.I. and what might happen if one was created.

Graphics/Sound: B
Plot: A+