3D-ification of Peanuts

Mike Harrington

Hollywood may have thought that this was a good idea, but the fans of Peanuts are not very happy about the loss of the classic 2D look.

Friday, November 4, the new and improved Peanuts Movie was released to theaters. People were very worried that this movie could mess up by not staying true to the classic comic strip. Some students at Malvern share the public’s opinion, hoping that it is good but knowing it can fail.

“If they do it right, it could work,” freshman and fan of Peanuts Ryan Mills said. Ryan thinks that there are many ways that Hollywood can mess it up. He hopes that they don’t try to modernize the movie too much. Ryan always liked the original soundtrack; if the movie makers try using newer songs, the movie will already be ruined for him. Also, Woodstock is a must-have. “I’m gonna go see it when I can,” Mills said.

“I thought it was really well done. I liked how they took a lot of his original comics and pretty much spat them back out at us.” said Pat Ferraiolo ’17.

Pat saw the movie, and he really enjoyed it. He liked how Charlie Brown was made into a 3D character because he always thought of him as a 2D character. His favorite part was seeing Lucy pull the football before Charlie Brown was about to kick it.

“It could probably look really weird, because it’s like a 2D cartoon,” Cristian Galilea ’19 said. He does not think that the switch to 3D is a good idea. He likes the classic feel of 2D. Cristian is glad that Hollywood is still making Peanuts movies, but he wants them to stay true to what they have done. He also thinks that the movie would be a lot better if Snoopy is still a main character.

Others are excited about the prospect of this new 3D version.

“I think it would be cool to see it in a 3D animation,” Henry Hague ’19 said , a fan of the TV series as a kid. Although Henry likes that Hollywood is trying out the new concept, he thinks that a ton of things could go wrong. He would like it if the movie was a little modernized, but stayed true to its core values.

Most people want the classic Peanuts that they have known for years, while others wouldn’t mind if Hollywood modernized it a little bit. Hopefully, the movie lived up to the standards of the many fans and followers of the beloved comic strip and be a success among the masses.