Student of the Issue: Zamir Shelton ’18


Zac Chan

Zachariah Chan ’16, Ben Yankelitis ’16

Sophomore Zamir Shelton is thriving both in the classroom and out of the classroom.

SheltonZamir Shelton is a current Sophomore at Malvern, who has attended since freshman year.

Even though he has only been at Malvern for a year and a half, Shelton has already plunged into a multitude of different activities outside the classroom. He participates in the Diversity Club, Peer Educators, Impressions, and the Outdoors Club, working most closely with the Diversity Club.

“I do a lot to help with the Diversity Club,” Shelton said. “I also help Mr. Williams with school promotion.”

On December 10 Shelton and other members of the Peer Educators visited St. Martin de Porres, Shelton’s old school, to discuss the transition from middle school to highschool with 8th graders.

He said that Malvern is popular with students from St. Martin de Porres.

To get into Malvern each morning, Shelton has to catch a bus and a train. The trip totals two hours.

Yet, he still has enjoyed his experience at Malvern. “I like it here,” he said. “Everybody’s easy to talk to and the teachers are always willing to help.”

He has no specific favorite part of Malvern and rather enjoys “the whole school in its entirety.”

During the school day his favorite class is Honors Latin II. Shelton referred to it as the “greatest class ever.” His favorite teacher is Mr. Mike Rawlings.

In his free time Shelton enjoys playing video games and going on Sporcle, a popular online trivia website. “I just to the video game category and go ham,” he said.

Shelton’s favorite movie is Scott Pilgrim vs The World.