Student of the Issue: Sean Oates ’18


Colin Price

Sophomore enjoys water polo, Student Council, and English class.

Sean Oates / C. Price

Sophomore Sean Oates is a “lifer” at Malvern Prep who started in the sixth grade.

Hailing from Downingtown, Oates is having a great year both inside and outside of the classroom.

He is a proud member of Student Council, and plays on the varsity water polo team.

Oates’ favorite activity is water polo. The water polo team had a great year, finishing with seven wins and only one loss in the Inter-Ac, winning the league outright. With an overall record of 21 wins and three losses, this marked one of the best seasons in Malvern history.

Oates was elected class representative for the sophomore class at the end of freshman year.

In his free time, Oates enjoys watching football, schooling his friends in the video game NBA2k, and just hanging out.

English is Oates’s favorite class this year. He is enrolled in Mrs. Wilkinson’s Honors English. “I like that we have open discussions in class about what we’re reading,” he said.

His favorite part of Malvern is, “how teachers are really willing to spend extra time with you if you need it.”

Oates’s favorite teacher this year is Mrs. Gordon. “She makes sure that you have a thorough understanding of things and she’s willing to work with you outside of class,” he said.

His favorite movie is 21 Jump Street.