State of the School: January 2016


Tommy Pero

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Take a look inside Student Council’s workings for the second semester.

Midway through his presidential year, Student Council President Alex Freud said that Friars can expect “a lot of new stuff coming” for the second semester.

Freud previously said that Student Council organized an event where students could pay a fee that would go to charity in exchange for the freedom to not shave for the month of January. However, “Januhairy” has moved to “Febuhairy”,

Freud said an email about Febuhairy will be sent out soon with more details. He expects the cost to be between five and ten dollars.

Student Council is continuing their work with Villa Maria Academy on their large Christian Service event that will take place later this year.

Villa created a contest to design the best t-shirt to be sold at the event. It is open to Villa students and will soon be open to Malvern students. An email will be sent out to the student body with more information, according to Freud.

The most recent event Student Council organized was a volleyball tournament on Friday, January 22. The tournament featured seven student teams and one faculty team.

While Student Council President Alex Freud was disappointed in the lower than average number of student teams, he was still optimistic about the tournament.

“I think it’ll be interesting to see a faculty team in [the tournament] just because it’ll spice it up,” Freud said before the tournament. “Regardless of how many people signed up, I think it’s still going to be fun.”

Student Council organized the second ever Winterfest scheduled for Saturday January 30. For more information please see our story on Winterfest.

At the halfway point of his tenure as Student Council President, Freud is happy with his work, and optimistic for the rest of the year.

“I hope I’m doing well,” he said. “Volleyball’s new. Febuhairy’s new. The big thing is we’re hoping the Christian Service event can go really well.”

Just as last year’s President Ryan Doane passed on Winterfest to the future of the school, Freud wants to cement his legacy.

“I’m hoping that if this Christian Service Event [with Villa] goes well, then that could be something I could pass on to the future years,” he said.