Weightroom Chatter

Tom Ferrari

A new school year can only mean one thing: the weight room is once again flooded with students of all kinds, including rowers, lacrosse athletes, members of the weightlifting team, and others who simply want to get “swoll.”

Students go to the weight room after school or during open periods to work out in a variety of ways. Many students take advantage of the cardio equipment and run on the treadmill or on the stationary bike. Others choose to take advantage of the free weights and sculpt their “guns.”

The Malvern weight room as it is today has only been around in its current design since 2007.  Mr. Erik Miller, who is in charge of this area, is constantly reading up on the best equipment to train students and get them into great shape.

In addition to this and coaching the throwing events of track, Mr. Miller also coaches the Olympic Weightlifting team, which had its first season last year. The programs first year was a huge success, with over 40(!) students competing in a meet at the snatch and clean and jerk events.

Mr. Miller also had four students (Zach O’Neill ‘14, Sean Gleason ‘16, Gary Halloway ‘16, and Tyler Watkin ‘14) compete at Youth Nationals, which took place at Missouri Western State University.

Participant Zach O’Neill said, “It was swell to lift with all the fellas, and I had a terrific time doing it, especially with my classmate Tyler.”

Mr. Miller is very excited to once again have athletes compete, and with his coaching, the sky’s the limit!