What You Missed – Mar. 7-14


News Staff

So you’ve been psyched for March Madness and missed the news? We’ve got you covered.

[toggle title=”Protesters shut down Trump rally” state=”close”]

Donald Trump had to cancel a rally in Chicago on Friday after protesters clashed with Trump supporters at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Trump said he made the decision after consulting with law enforcement authorities. “I felt it was just safer,” he said on MSNBC. “I don’t want to see anybody get hurt.”

Chicago police however have said they did not advise Trump to cancel his rally in a statement released Friday.

Trump has blamed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for sending protesters to his rally, as some protesters brandished Sanders signs and chanted “Bernie” at the rally. Sanders has denied doing so.


[toggle title=”Far right, anti-immigrant party makes gains in German elections” state=”close”]

The anti-refugee Alternative für Deutschland Partei (AfD) in Germany has made gains in state elections in Germany, the first since Chancellor Angela Merkel began the open door policy for Syrian refugees.

The party found success in the Saxony-Anhalt region in eastern Germany, where exit polls have the party winning 24.4% of the vote. AfD also did well in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate, winning 15% and 12%, respectively. The party is now represented in half of German state parliaments.

The Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the party which Merkel belongs to, did not fare well in three states, losing in Baden-Württemberg which had been a CDU stronghold since the end of the Second World War to more left-leaning parties.


[toggle title=”Shooting in western Pennsylvania kills six” state=”close”]

A backyard cookout in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania turned deadly Wednesday when two gunmen opened fire and killed six people, including a pregnant woman, and wounded three others.

The gunmen have yet to be identified, but they were reported to have used an AK-47 and .40 caliber handgun.

After the shooting, Governor Tom Wolf and Pennsylvania Bob Casey urged the state to do more to prevent gun violence. “Communities like Wilkinsburg, and other towns and cities across Pennsylvania… know all too well the horrific nature of gun violence in their neighborhoods,” Gov. Wolf said in a statement.


[toggle title=”53 ATVs, dirt bikes seized in Philadelphia crackdown” state=”close”]

Philadelphia police reported on Sunday that over 50 dirt bikes and ATVs are now in impound lots after a crackdown on the outlawed vehicles.

The vehicles are illegal in the city, but riding them is a popular activity, especially the spring and summer, but chief investigator Dennis Wilson said that people “die from these [vehicles] every year” and that “people have to dive out of the way” when they are ridden on sidewalks.

One man was arrested during the crackdown with a felony charge of fleeing from police.