Jake Glancy

President Obama in the 2008 election used the argument that John McCain’s tax cuts to the “wealthy” were unfair to middle class Americans, and that tax cuts to any who makes under $250,00 is fair. The Occupy Movement, even though they were a violent protest group that only gained legitimacy (if you can call it that) because they were a left wing movement, stood on the idea that it was unfair that “1%” of the world’s population had the highest wealth and that the other 99% were suffering from it. I recently read an article by Michael Tomasky from The Daily Beast in which he summed up President Obama’s State of the Union in one sentence by saying “he’s building up the middle class and making the rich pay more because things are out of whack and unfair.” This article, besides making me laugh out loud because this man is the biggest liberal I have ever read, made me think what exactly is fair?

The President along with the rest of Liberal America believes that our current economic system, capitalism, is unfair because there are ultra-poor and ultra-wealthy people in America. They make the argument that the government has to help the ultra-poor people and specifically the Democrats are the only ones who can help these people because Republicans are too busy giving tax cuts to their ultra-wealthy friends and not caring about the poor. The Liberals say it is unfair to have ultra-wealthy and ultra-poor people because there is not economic equality in America thus America is an unfair society.

Liberals always define what is unfair, but they never define what exactly is fair. They imply that fair is everyone is equal in economic terms, but they never directly say it. The Liberal idea of fairness applied to Malvern would be this, the Liberals would take every student who received a 4.00 GPA or higher and average the GPAs with the rest of the student’s GPAs so every student at Malvern would have the same GPA. Is it fair to take from the students who worked the hardest at Malvern and reward the students that did not work at all? Now any Liberal would counter argue by saying that this example is “unfair” because in the real world there have been people that have been “pushed” into extreme poverty where hard work cannot get them out of their predicament. Liberals say that is where government has to step in and give those people money from the rich to help them. (Welfare) A valid counter argument, but just giving them money is not enough. Why not take the Welfare money and make it into a job training program. The ultra-poor can receive Welfare benefits, receive job training, get a job, and if the job pays minimum wage they can keep some of their Welfare benefits. What is unfair about that?

President Obama feels it is his duty as President to make sure government creates an equal economic status for all Americans. Where in the constitution does it say that it is the President’s duty to make sure that there is economic “fairness?” He is using “envy politics” and these politics are sadly and scarily working. I will quote a rabbi who wrote an article in Monday’s Wall Street Journal where he said “as it says in the Ten Commandments, envy is corrosive to the individual and to those societies that embrace it.” President Obama is having America embrace envy and it is corroding the soul of the American Dream.

I always thought the President was here to protect our rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Yet, the President denies some Americans the pursuit of happiness. I am not talking about big corporations either. Small businesses are strangled by the President’s business regulations because the regulations are law and everyone must obey the law. The law applies to everyone no matter of race, gender, religion, or how much money you make. The law is FAIR. The President and all Liberals attack Capitalism because it is the easiest institution to label as unfair because there are winners and losers in our society. Liberals feel it is unfair that there have to be losers, and liberals believe that the government has to help those losers with safety nets and bailouts. So by going by a Liberal’s logic, any institution is unfair if in the institution there are winners and losers. So then all of sports are unfair. Liberals would probably want the government to give the loser of the Super Bowl extra points so the game would end in a tie and then everyone would be happy. Yes I know it sounds completely absurd!

It amazes me that the “unfairness” argument holds legitimacy. Have we all not been told at one time or another by our parents that life is unfair so deal with it? No matter what President Obama does with raising taxes or increasing Welfare, there will always be rich and poor. It is impossible to create an economically fair society. So why not create a society where everyone has a fair opportunity to succeed? O ya, it already exists. It is called America. It is called capitalism. So why is the President trying to change an already fair system? It is no wonder that 22% of Americans feel the country is going in the right direction. So next time you hear the argument “that is unfair,” stop and think to yourself, “what exactly is fair?” Fairness is equal opportunity no matter of race, gender, religion, or income.