Impressions from a Donald Trump rally


Tommy Pero

Donald Trump made one last push to win the Pennsylvania Primary.

On April 25, I went to a Donald Trump rally at West Chester University and noticed a few things.

Trump supporters and protesters were separated on either side of a street. In between was like a demilitarized zone. At one point, I tried to walk closer to the protestors to take a picture and a police officer told me to turn around. There were shouting and cheers from each side.

Hateful rhetoric existed on both sides on the street. When I was walking to my car, a man in a car drove by and yelled and cursed me out. Other signs shared the same message.

Politics is becoming incredibly divisive. In a democracy, we must have educated debates on issues. We have the responsibility to hear both sides of an issue. It is fine to be passionate about your beliefs, but it is fine to stick to your beliefs and immediately get angry at anyone who does not share your beliefs.

Trump supporters are a homogeneous group. The protesters were a more diverse group.

Some Trump Supporters actually know what they’re talking about. I expected to see a lot of people supporting Trump just because he was funny or because it was the popular thing to do. While there were definitely some of these people, at least half of the people that I talked to knew what they were talking about.

Donald Trump has a positive message. Every presidential candidate should want to make America great again. Every candidate should want to defeat ISIS, create more jobs, and improve the economy. Trump promises to do all of these things, but he never really says how. Basically, he’s asking you to just trust him.

I don’t know if he’s a trustworthy person, but no politician really is.