North Korea Update; Threatens US

MP Salinas

On Thursday, March 7, 2013, North Korean foreign ministry threatened the United States at a UN Nuclear Sanctions Convention claiming that “Since the United States is threatening to ignite Nuclear War, we will exercise our preemptive right to nuclear attack on the headquarters of the aggressor to protect our supreme interest”.

So apparently the US is planning to ignite a nuclear holocaust. The quote clearly states that North Korea would launch an attack “on the headquarters of the aggressor”, so in other words Washington DC.

Agnes Walker, a Beijing correspondent vaguely described the issue. He claimed that North Korea would never be able to launch a nuclear missile out of the country and if they attempted to, the United States was prepared to take over the country in twenty four hours.

It seems to me that North Korea has been pushing their military capabilities to the limit, and with a clarified threat to nuclear attack against the United States, things are about to get ugly.