“Doctor Strange” Review

Aidan White

This fall you have three options: Spending time with your family, watching football, or watching a movie. How about “Doctor Strange?”

In this new film, Marvel is trying something a little different. Ironically, the movie is called “Doctor Strange.”

All week, I have had people come up to me and ask what I thought of “Doctor Strange.” Well, to sum it up, it’s okay. I have heard some people say it’s the best Marvel Movie they have ever seen and I have heard people say it’s the worst.

One thing that will stand out to you while you watch this movie is how packed it is. This movie did not only introduce Doctor Strange, an extremely important figure in the Marvel universe, but it introduced the whole concept of magic in the Marvel universe.

This was cool, but it made the movie feel very cluttered. Though the information was necessary, it took away from the film.

Another thing you will notice while watching this movie is how dislikable the main character Stephen Strange is. During this movie’s marketing, Stephen Strange was hyped to be a Tony Stark-like character who was smart and self absorbed but yet caring.

If that’s what you’re expecting from Stephen Strange, then you’re out of luck. Stephen Strange is pure jerk. He is stuck up and really hard to root for throughout the movie. He changes a bit by the end, but this kind of personality can still be seen.

The visuals in this movie are amazing. I would say the effects in this movie are the best I have ever seen in a Marvel movie. The jokes are really funny too, though some don’t hit as hard as others.

With Stephen being a jerk and all the information dumping being over, I can’t wait for a sequel. It really does feel like this movie is there for the sole reason of preparing you for a sequel. That’s for good reason though. “Doctor Strange” should be popping up in other Marvel movies soon. With this context, it just makes sense.

In the end, “Doctor Strange” was just okay. Would I recommend you see it? Yes. It is not as awful as “Thor 2” and not as good as “Avengers 1.” The other reason I would recommend you watch it is because future Marvel movies won’t make sense unless you watch it. I have a feeling that Magic is not only going to be explored in Doctor Strange movies, but in Avengers movies or Thor movies. Make of that what you will.