SNL Signs 2 of Comedy’s Best Free Agents

Ricky Walsh

Saturday Night Live has housed several famous stars, including singers, actors, athletes, and of course comedians. However, SNL recently signed 5 new comedians who, according to SNL, will be among those in the SNL Hall of Fame.

Kyle Mooney, who made a name for himself through his YouTube channel “Kyle”, was among the 5 new comedians added to the show. At first, Mooney was apprehensive about being on the show. This is because Mooney didn’t know who was among the other 4 comedians being signed.

Meet Beck Bennett. You may know him from the recent series of AT&T commercial with the little kids. These two comedians have been friends and colleagues before this recent contract signing.

Mooney and Bennett attended the University of Southern California where they studied film together. From there, they collaborated on a YouTube series titled “GoodNeighborStuff” and received loads of publicity and notoriety. Now that they are partners on SNL. Who knows what levels of humor they could reach.

The other 3 comedians that will be accompanying Mooney and Bennett are John Milhiser from the Facialique ad, Noel Wells from the Homeland parody, and Mike O’Brien who also does a YouTube series.

As the new year of Saturday Night Live continues, we can only expect big things out of not only the crew, but from the 5 new stars.