Student of the Issue: Gavin Canzanese ’19

Steve O'Meara

Being an honors student, involved in various clubs, and being a good kid and son overall is what sophomore Gavin Canzanese is all about.

Canzanese currently lives in Delaware County with his parents and his two older brothers. Gabe, a senior at Malvern, and Vince, who currently is a Junior in college at Drexel University. His oldest brother did not go to Malvern, which might have swayed Gavin to go to other places.

“I thought of myself independent of him, and considered my achievements completely separate from his,” Canzanese said. “I chose Malvern because it very clearly stands above the rest. From the facilities to the teachers, to the wide variety of activities and sports, there’s something for everyone at Malvern.”

Canzanese’s teachers enjoy having him in class, and according to US History teacher Mr. Andrew Burke, “Gavin represents what is best about Malvern students.”

“He is incredibly hardworking, and he is an incredibly talented student. In addition to that he’s very empathetic, he understands people’s point of view, and he’s very kind,” Burke said.

In terms of Academics, he is taking every honors class possible and one AP class. His favorite class is AP Biology which is taught by Mr. Borish. Canzanese considers medicine as a viable career option, which is reflected in his love of Biology.

“I either want to pursue a career in engineering or the medical field. Both of my parents are pharmacists and I have always been surrounded by medicine and it deeply interests me,” he said.

He participates in other things outside of the classroom such as Academic Challenge, Diversity Awareness Club, Catholic Athletes for Christ, Cross Country, Liturgical Music, Lighting and Sound for High School productions, and Stage Crew for middle school shows.

A few weeks ago, Canzanese had the opportunity to participate in battle of the bands at Devon Prep and actually won. They practiced once a week leading up to the event.

“I am the drummer in a band with two of my friends from middle school. Jamie Barker, our lead singer, and guitarist, currently attends Malvern, while Luke Bauwens is another guitarist who attends Penncrest. We played six songs.”

His parents both have shaped his life in how he should approach things.

“My dad helped me with my motivation and work ethic. My dad works a lot, simply for the betterment of me and my brothers,” he said. “My mom helped me with study habits, preparing me for daily trials, and how to believe in God. She taught me how to deal with others and how to place my faith in God when times are the hardest.”

His mother Mrs. Mary Canzanese spoke of how Gavin approaches life and other activities. “Gavin seems to manage his time well, with a balance of work and social activities and hobbies,” she said. “He is an excellent pianist and now plays drums in a small band he and his grade school friends formed. Doing fun things makes it easier for Gavin to put the work in when it is time to do so.”

“Definitely what motivates Gavin to accomplish his goals is his desire to do something big with his life, and that doesn’t just happen,” Mrs. Canzanese added. “Gavin is well aware that it is in his hands and it is his responsibility to make it happen.”

But the thing that his mother is most proud of is who Gavin is as a person.

“We are most proud of Gavin for remaining such a kind person throughout his 16 years. He works very hard at trying to maintain academic excellence but isn’t boastful about any of his accomplishments,” Mrs. Canzanese said.