State of the Studco: Liam McKnight ’18

Mike Harrington

Next Year’s Student Council President gives a quick Q&A

On Friday, March 4, junior Liam McKnight was elected Student Council President for 2017-18. McKnight answers some important questions about his leadership next year and what he anticipates it to look like.

Q: What are your biggest hopes and accomplishments next year as student council president?

A: Like I said in my speech, I want to begin a mini-thon. That would be really huge. That’s a possible goal. I think that would be great if I can get that started here.

Q: Is there anything that you want to change or go in a different direction from this year’s student council?

A: This year’s student council has been great so far. I don’t want to change it too much. As of now we are on a good path so I want to keep it like we are right now.

Q: How do you think your new staff will be? Are you excited to work with them?

A: I’m very excited to work with them. The four guys on the executive board including myself we are all excited. We are all good friends. We are all looking forward to next year so I think it should be a good year with a good group of kids.

Q: What do you think you have to offer Malvern students as next year’s president?

A: I think I’m really approachable, so anyone that’s not on student council could easily come up to me and give new ideas. I think I’m really easy talk too, and I’ll be good at getting everyone’s word out there and everyone’s opinion heard.

Q: Is there any message that you’d want to give to the student body right now?

A: I’m really excited for the 2017-18 school year, and I’m excited to make it one of the best ones yet. It’ll be a fun year.