Student athlete Tyler Frank ’20 takes fulfillment in helping others

Luke McClatchy

Freshman Tyler Frank is new to Malvern this year, competing in many Malvern athletics, like basketball and football.

In athletics and the classroom, freshman Tyler Frank is finding his way through Malvern.

Frank came to Malvern because of his family and his familiarity with its campus.

“I’ve been on campus a lot I guess since I was born really, and my dad went here,” Frank said. “So I’ve just been kind of affiliated with Malvern my whole life so it wasn’t too hard of a decision.”

Frank did not attend Malvern’s middle school, however.

“I went to Saint Aloysius for grade school, it really prepared me to come to Malvern. There is a really similar setup between the two schools, minus the free time,” Frank said. “I liked it at St. Aloysius a lot, but it was a lot more strict there than at Malvern, which I enjoy here.”

Frank said there were some small differences between Aloysius and Malvern, chief among them discipline.

“At St. Aloysius they were a lot more strict on dress code than here at Malvern, like there if you had a shirt untucked or no belt it was a demerit, but mostly they just busted me for not doing homework,” Frank said.

Frank is a big fan of the breaks and free time Malvern offers in its schedule.

“My favorite things here at Malvern are the teachers and community time, it gives me a lot of time to get all my work done,” Frank said.

After school, you can find Frank out on the turf playing football or on the courts suiting up for the Friars.

“I like playing sports here because community time and break give me time to do everything I need to do for school. Also, everyone here cares for each other and has your back,” Frank said. “One time at a football game a big fight broke out and one teammate got caught up in it, but everyone was there to back him up.”

Outside of Malvern, Frank plays AAU, or Amateur Athletic Union basketball, for the Malvern Legends.

“AAU is great, but again, it’s another big time commitment for me, so again this just makes community time a big help,” Frank said. “We travel around, our AAU team, places like New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and anywhere in Pennsylvania.”

“My favorite memory of AAU basketball is winning the championship going into eighth grade,” Frank said. “We played a team from Allentown and the game was in Virginia, it was an eight team tournament and we won it all.”

During school, Frank enjoys his time in math class the most.

“Math is my favorite subject, and I’ve always had an interest in it even outside of class, like statistics all that ties back to math,” Frank said. “My least favorite is English class by far, I don’t like to read and just don’t enjoy it.”

Frank is also a part of Malvern’s Drum Line and enjoys Sculpture.

“Sculpture is something I’ve never really done before, and Malvern has given me the opportunity to try it,” he said.

His math teacher, Ms. Florence Crews, thinks very highly of Frank.

“As a student, he is prepared, he participates in class, he seems to know what he is doing and if he doesn’t he is not afraid to come ask me or a classmate, a very good student,” Crews said.

“He is also a real nice person, and a good gentleman,” she said. “That’s the most important thing to me, being a good math student is great, but a good person is even greater.”

Crews taught Frank’s father, David Frank ’91, as well.

“You can tell he is his father’s son, there are a lot of things I saw in his father that I see in Frank,” she said.

Tyler’s best friend, freshman Jasir Cook, says he is a great friend.

“He is one of my closest friends, just a real nice and caring person and he’s athletic too, just a good guy,” Cook said.

They met for the first time playing football for Malvern together.

“He used to take me home from practice, like take me to the train station and stuff,” Cook said. “We have also been on the same intramural teams for the year, and most of our classes are together too.”

Cook said Tyler’s most outstanding quality is his accountability.

“He is accountable, you can count on him for anything and to be there for you,” Cook said. “He is very involved and thankful for everything Malvern has given him, a nice person and great at heart.”