Student of the Issue: Joe Martin


Jack Marchesani

We had the opportunity to sit down with Joe Martin to discuss his life, his work here at Malvern, and how he acts in a way that exemplifies the Malvern Man.

Marchesani: Tell me about your background, your history, and what makes you tick.

Martin: I grew up and live in Secane, Pennsylvania which is a little bit past Springfield. I went to public school in Upper Darby School District until coming to Malvern. I learned a lot from my parents work ethic which I try to translate into my work at Malvern.

Marchesani: At Malvern you’re involved in a variety of things: robotics, ceramics, and stage crew… How do you make time with such a busy schedule?

Martin: Although I’m involved in a lot of things on campus, I really don’t struggle to find time with things because I love doing all of them. I usually have to plan out meetings with different clubs and teachers so that they don’t ever overlap.

Marchesani: You’re the first junior Stage Manager in a long time, if ever.  What are some of the challenges and highlights of being the Stage Manager?

Martin: It’s a little challenging managing the seniors.  I try to level that out by being a friend to everyone on the crew.  A good leader is a friend to everyone, without being a pushover.  The highlight has been knowing how much I’m learning, and that I’m going to get so much better at it.  It’s great in general knowing that you have four plays to do. By the time I finish up my last play, I’m going to know so much.

Marchesani: Describe one of your most memorable Malvern experiences.

Martin: The first night football was so great – the atmosphere was incredible.  And SAVI in San Diego this fall was amazing.  You realize how much you take for granted.  This is such a great place.  I remember when I first walked by Duffy, looking up and thinking, “wow, this is part of my school.”  But then you get used to it.  When you take trips away, you remember the moment of appreciation – how great this opportunity really is.

Marchesani: What do you believe the true Malvern Man should be?

Martin: I think a true Malvern Man should be humble. I am so grateful to have the opportunity I go to this great school. I feel like I owe it to the school to give my 100%. Also, I feel like he  should be open minded. Malvern has so many opportunities and if we don’t open our eyes to different things, then we are missing the amazing things that Malvern has to offer.

Marchesani: How do you give of yourself to others and in that light exemplify Christ and Augustine?

Martin: I try to help people anyway I can. I try to put others before myself, just because it makes me feel good. I often times will stop what I’m doing even if I have like a major test next period to help out a friend.