Jaden Vogelman ’20 channels teasing into dedication

Brian Szipszky

Freshman Jaden Vogelman is no stranger to “small” jokes. But his outgoing personality and dedication have enabled him to succeed.

With an impressive work ethic, freshman Jaden Vogelman has been able to use height stereotypes as motivation to improve. Learning how to deal with teasing has strengthened his confidence socially, academically, and athletically.

Vogelman was born in Lansing, Michigan, but moved to Chester Springs a year later. He attended Owen J. Roberts Elementary School before coming to Malvern in seventh grade.

According to Vogelman, he has dealt with teasing since he was at OJR.

“Kids have been calling me small since I was in sixth grade,” Vogelman said. “They still do sometimes today, but more as a joke.”

Vogelman also admits he struggled with the teasing for a while, but has learned to handle it.

“At least for a couple of years it was pretty tough on me,” Vogelman said. “So I knew I had to find ways to deal with it. Over time, I think I did a pretty good job of coping with all of it.”

One of those methods includes soccer, as he has played for travel teams since he was six years old.

“Soccer has been one of the biggest parts of my life for years,” Vogelman said. “Playing it really helped me deal with all the jokes.”

While soccer certainly influenced his decision to attend Malvern Prep, Vogelman said he has had a connection to Malvern since he was one year old.

“[Soccer] might have weighed in on my decision, but I grew up on Malvern’s campus watching sports,” Vogelman said. “I love the atmosphere here.”

When he finally arrived at Malvern in seventh grade, he struggled a little with the workload, as well as losing some of his old friends.

“It was hard during the first two quarters because I wasn’t used to the amount of homework,” Vogelman said. “I also went into Malvern with a very close friend who recently moved to Arizona. So we both were in the same boat and helped each other through the tough times.”

Vogelman also credits freshman Christian Siaton, who has attended Malvern since sixth grade, with helping him through the transition.

“In the beginning of seventh grade, we were on the same soccer team,” Siaton said. “We kind of just started talking about sports and stuff, and then that translated into school.”

In fall 2016, both Vogelman and Siaton played on the junior varsity soccer team, along with four other freshmen. Vogelman’s fearlessness translates well onto the field, where he is a defender.

“Jaden’s best attribute is definitely his tenacity,” Siaton said. “That allows him to be really good at chasing players down and taking the ball from them. Overall, he just shows no fear.”

Mr. Jose Sanchez, Vogelman’s Honors Spanish II teacher and head coach of the freshmen soccer team, is also very complimentary of his soccer ability.

“While I did not coach him, I think Jaden is a tremendous player,” Sanchez said. “When I watch him play, his confidence really shows. It is really important to have that confidence at his young age, because it allows him to be in charge of his own life.”

Sanchez also commented on Vogelman’s work ethic in the classroom.

“Jaden is a very hard worker,” Sanchez said. “The fearlessness and confidence he displays in soccer can also be seen in the classroom, and I think it will also translate into whatever he decides to do in life.”