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Turkey, Stuffing, Potatoes…

Dan King

November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without classic foods that everyone loves and enjoys with their family and friends, but which is the best? Thanksgiving has been celebrated since the days of the Pilgrims in Plymouth and the same classic foods hav...

AP Environmental, Marine Biology to dissect great white shark

Dan King

March 31, 2017

SATIRE: After experimenting with dissecting baby shark parts, the environmental science and marine biology classes will dissect an adult great white shark next year. Honors Marine Biology is one of the most popular classes...

Desmond Papariello ’18 signs with Garuda Music

Dan King

March 1, 2017

From DJing at homecoming to playing drums, Papariello is Malvern’s music man. Junior Desmond Papariello has loved music his entire life, but he never thought that one day he would have his songs on Spotify or make money from ...

Top 10 Christmas Songs

Dan King

December 22, 2016

  When radio stations play Christmas songs nonstop, here’s what tops my holiday playlists. Everyone loves Christmas songs, but no one can ever seem to pick a favorite, or three. Here's my list that might help you out. 1...

Teachers choose books with eye to student interests

Dan King

October 27, 2016

Staff carefully choose book lists with attention to student enjoyment and challenge level. Every English class at Malvern has books assigned to students to read over the summer as well as throughout the year. One of the goa...

Election impacts Malvern curriculum

Dan King

September 23, 2016

With the 2016 election coming to a wrap this November, there is a lot to talk about when it comes to an election like this. Malvern students will be experiencing this election in their classes as teachers bring up the issues ...

Football takes up yoga

Football takes up yoga

February 28, 2016

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