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Casey Lauder

Casey Lauder

April 27, 2018

Mills, athletic trainers embark on advanced head impact study

Sean Oates

March 16, 2018

This spring, Malvern’s sports medicine team looks to perform first of its kind research into head injuries on Malvern teams. At a time where contact sports like football face heavy criticism for the number of concussions athletes s...

Ranking the best movie soundtracks

Sean Oates

January 31, 2018

Does 18 years of watching movies qualify this reviewer to create rankings of the top five films with the best soundtracks? Sure. A film has to have quality acting, set design, and plot to be considered a good movie. But what can take a...

Bowls change to cups in tenth year of ceramics fundraiser

Sean Oates

December 20, 2017

This January, one of Malvern’s most notable events is coming back with a new look. Since December 2008, thousands of student-made pots have filled the Duffy Center gallery for the annual Empty Bowls fundraiser. However, the e...

Reflecting on service in Peru

Sean Oates

August 29, 2017

This fall I return to Malvern with new perspectives and relationships following my Christian Service trip. This past summer, Malvern’s rising senior class found themselves all over the globe as they embarked on their Christian Se...

Ryan Logan ’18 enjoys watching sports as much as he enjoys participating

Sean Oates

April 28, 2017

Junior baseball player Ryan Logan enjoys wakeboarding and staying up to date on everything sports. You may recognize him around campus as the only student brave enough to wear Dallas Cowboys apparel, but junior Ryan Logan is much more...

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