Friar's Lantern

Book Review: “Legend”

Alex Haylock

March 1, 2017

You can’t go wrong with dystopia mixed with teenage angst. The United States is no longer— it is now split in two, the Republic and the rebel Colonies at civil war with each other. Set in a dystopian Los Angeles, a...

Book Review: “Small Great Things”

Alex Haylock

February 2, 2017

“Small Great Things” tackles racial tension in the 21st Century and certainly is a great complement to any United States History course. Ruth Jefferson is the only African-American nurse at the maternity ward of a Connecticu...

Book Review: The Rule of Three by Eric Walters

Mike Harrington

May 24, 2016

The story of a somewhat apocalyptic world without any working computers. Sixteen-year old Adam Daley’s life was that of a normal high school student until the fateful day when a massive power outage destroyed virtually all mo...

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