Interning at IMC


Gavin Canzanese

Over the summer I interned at IMC Construction, the company in charge of building the new Center for Social Impact

On June 10, I was sitting on the top bunk of my 8-person room in New Orleans when I read an email from Dan O’Rourke, a Senior Project Manager at IMC Construction. He emailed another Malvern student and I to see if we wanted to intern at IMC for the summer.

After explaining that I would be on a service trip for several more days, I accepted and sent my resume over. After more emailing and an interview at their office based in Malvern, I earned the title ‘Production Intern’ and was officially a paid employee of IMC Construction.

At their office, I went through the orientation process as any other employee. In fact I sat with three other new hires as we went through an entire day of initiation. Despite being just an intern, I was treated with the same respect as anyone else.

Throughout the day, I learned about IMC and met with many important people related to the company. Once the initiation was over, I was given my own desk space, computer, and monitor. I primarily worked under Project Manager Dan Rosato, whose main job was to coordinate and oversee the Malvern Prep Center for Social Impact building, or CSI building for short.

Over the next few days I learned what it takes to work at IMC. As an intern I took on small tasks at first, such as data entry in Microsoft Excel. However, as the weeks went on I was given more responsibility.

This responsibility included talking to subcontractors directly, creating and designing Excel sheets for meetings, and using Procore, which is a construction management software.

The best moments working at IMC were attending and contributing during meetings on Malvern’s campus, as well as speaking with new people. It was a great experience to play an active part in the construction of the new building, and to see all of the past, present, and future stages.

The workers in their respective trades were extremely knowledgeable and never hesitated to share their expertise with me. I learned so much about the construction world and it’s an experience I will never forget.

In the end, the information I amassed is invaluable. I learned the ways of a 40 hour work week, and how to navigate having responsibility much bigger than myself. I loved working at IMC and I believe I’ve grown as a person because of it.

I encourage everyone to embrace opportunities that arise. This entire process started with an email from Malvern’s counselling department. I simply reached out, hoped for the best, and in the end was greatly rewarded.