State of the StudCo


Joe Lister

Student Council President Bill Carlini ’19 reflects on Spirit Week 2018, and talks about things to come for Malvern’s student body

Carlini feels pleased with the end result of his Spirit Week planning, but doesn’t credit just himself with its success

“Spirit Week went as planned, because everything that we put down on paper happened… we have a lot of good ideas but we executed them well,” he said. “The freshmen coming in really helped with that too, we had those extra set of hands.”

Although Carlini is satisfied with the turnout of Spirit Week, he does recognize that it had both ups and downs.

“I think that the positive was the Pep Rally, that was a high point for sure. With the t-shirts and how every class was coordinated, that went really well, everybody was engaged the whole time,” he said.

However, Spirit Week was not flawless.

“I think the low point was the dress down day themes. They kind of got a little bit redundant, because no one wants to do beach day when it’s freezing out, and also no one wants to do U.S.A. day cause it’s lame,” he said.

Carlini does know themes he would like to have in place of the ones that were used during Spirit Week. “We could’ve done pajama day, and fun stuff like that. I just didn’t think went as well as they could’ve.”

Carlini is also excited for next year’s Spirit Week and what the Class of 2020 will bring to the table.

“The juniors have done an awesome job of getting their class excited, so I think Student Council is in great hands next year,” he said.

Carlini says different classes get excited in different ways.

“Each class has a different personality, for example our seniors, they get energized by specific people, they’ll get energized by funny kids in our class, but they’ll also get energized if they know there’s a Malvern tradition like Levels, that gets them excited,” he said.

Student Council is already looking to the future in its event planning too, Carlini said.

“We have the dodgeball tournament coming up in the winter, that’s another one of our big events… and then we will most likely do something at the halftime of a basketball game,” he said.

While Carlini is still prepping for the rest of the year, he knows that he has planned his last Malvern Spirit Week and Homecoming. However, he hopes to pass down what he has learned as President of Student Council to the next leaders of the student body.

“As important as the planning is, it’s also important to get the classes energized,” he said. “It’s only going to be as good as the students make it.”