Lance Brooks, the Sports Science Guy


Samuel Schutz

Brooks now works with Mr. Erik Miller, Director of Strength and Conditioning, in the weight room after his extensive past of athletic training.

In spite of his Dallas origins, Brooks has made his way into the Philadelphia area and is fitting right in at Malvern. He currently helps students with workout routines, mainly involving speed and agility.

After graduating from Southern Methodist University, Brooks took up an internship for strength and conditioning. The following year he did another internship at Harvard University in strength and conditioning. His exposure to these internships made his transition to Malvern easier.

“While exploring avenues to make ends meet through my mastery program while also getting to further my experience in strength and conditioning, the Malvern opportunity came up,” Brook said.

Brooks has had success in the speed training industry, having trained two Olympic athletes, one of which is a gold medalist.

“The speed and agility component of athlete development has been more or less non-existent [at Malvern] and with my background in speed performance, I was able to add that component,” Brooks said.

Since Miller previously worked alone in the weightroom, he has had to limit the speed training aspect in the weightroom.

“Mr. Miller has been awesome enough to grant me full autonomy in developing the speed training,” Brooks said.

Out of everyone at Malvern, he loves working with the middle schoolers the most.

“Some of their behavior always takes me back to how I was. It’s just a funny reminder of how I used to be and how they can find humor in the simplest things,” Brooks said.

Brooks has been embracing the whole Malvern experience by getting involved with all the students and developing close relationships with everyone.

“My favorite part about working at Malvern is the atmosphere and joking around with some of the guys. It’s unique that it is an all boys environment because the guys can truly let loose,” Brooks said.