New Teacher: Ms. Amanda Adams

Ms. Amanda Adams is finding a new home in the Malvern community, and within it, she brings her knowledge and love of teaching economics.

Michael Geary, Contributor

Turning off Warren Avenue onto campus, a noticeable presence is always felt. Similarly to anyone new to Malvern, Ms. Amanda Adams was instantly able to see what differentiated Malvern from other schools. 

“I think it’s just the culture that is seen here – the brotherhood element and there’s a community among students and faculty. And I don’t think you can get that everywhere,” Adams said. 

Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Adams now teaches AP Economics and is starting her first full year of teaching. The road she took to get here wasn’t always clear cut. Graduating from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Adams then traveled around the world to the University of London, where she obtained her first masters degree in communications and development. 

“I just got my masters in secondary education from Villanova [University], so I graduated into the pandemic.” Adams said. 

She also had the chance to work with Mr. John Ostick last year as a student teacher, learning new teaching techniques and styles. 

“He’s an incredibly passionate teacher and I think that’s something I try to bring to class everyday – just like sheer excitement for what I’m teaching because he does that better than anybody.” 

With her first week of teaching completed, Adams has noticed something telling in the students. 

“How excited everybody is to be back on campus has been awesome to see.” she said. With a relatively more normal year ahead of us, Adams looks forward to working with students and thriving in the Malvern community.