Student Council hosts Winterfest


Jack Marchesani

This year student council held Winterfest, a semi-formal dance for all grades to attend.

On December 13, students gathered with their dates, put on their ugly sweaters, and headed to Stewart Hall to participate in the Malvern’s “Winterfest.”

Originated by senior Doug Corsi ‘15 and the rest of Student Council, the idea quickly became reality, harnessing student support as event leaders prepared for an amazing night.

“We originally had a date set from the summer on a semi-formal,” Doug said. He explained that the intent was for this to be a freshman-sophomore dance, as had happened in years past.

After a group discussion of the attendance and whether or not it would be plausible, Doug suggested that, “the only way the dance would work is if it was a formal homecoming again.” Following this, the Student Council rallied around the idea.

Events Chairman, Pat Coffey ‘15 said, “We all agreed that a full dance would be a good way to have better attendance.”

The idea was then presented to the senior class via word of mouth and Facebook posts. Once Corsi was confident enough in student body support, a survey was sent out in November via email to measure how many students seriously considered attendance.

“Based on the survey results, we thought that a lot of people would go. This also served as a way to increase awareness and raise interest,” said Coffey.

The next step in putting Winterfest together was making sure there weren’t any conflicts. After meeting with Coach Harmatuk and Mr. Ruch to avoid athletic conflicts, Corsi and the Student Council settled on Saturday December 13.

As for location, Stewart Hall was selected as the venue based on size of expected attendance and the fact that there were games in O’Neill that day. This took the combined efforts of both students and faculty.

“Dr. Fry was a big part of making Winterfest a reality,” Corsi said.

“I was really proud of how hard the Student Council members worked on this,” said Fry.

Mrs. Lohse, moderator for Student Council said, “I know that we were very proud of how the student council members persisted in convincing classmates to attend. They showed great spirit. Overall it was a nice pre-Christmas break rally point for those who attended.”

As for the dance itself, many found it enjoyable. John Kuyat ‘15 said, “Winterfest was a great time. Although there weren’t that many people there, everyone who went had fun.”

Students created their own theme when they wore their best/ugliest Christmas sweaters to the dance.

The Student Council members found that there was a low turnout as compared to what the survey predicted. “What hurt us was that we talked about it right before break, kids went on break, and it was hard for underclassmen to get dates when they came back,” said Corsi.

As for the future of Winterfest, Corsi says that he’d “like to see it happen yearly.”

According to Joe Martin ‘15 who attended the dance, “It has to be repeated year after year. When that happens it’ll become a part of Malvern’s tradition.”