Student of the Issue: John I. is “your guy”


John Iannuzzi / M. Aprahamian

Jack Marchesani

John Iannuzzi / M. Aprahamian
John Iannuzzi / M. Aprahamian

We had the chance to sit down with a true renaissance man of Malvern, senior John Ianuzzi.

This month, the Blackfriar Chronicle caught up with one of Malvern’s finest, John Ianuzzi. A senior, John’s accomplishments are recognized by all. A student council secretary, a college commit, a storyteller, an actor, and a brother, John has made his mark on our school.

Right off the bat, John, why are you “our guy?” How did you come up with that slogan? How do you live it everyday?
I guess I hear that so often that I can’t forget about it. People always shout “John I’s your guy!” I guess that’s good because it’s a good reminder. People ask me if it irritates me, but I like it. I created it. I try to strive to actually be your guy. I came up with it the night before I gave the speech. I was thinking, “you know, this won’t be the funniest speech,” so I need something to set it apart. First thought? Slogans work well. I started rattling off things that rhymed with “John” and then “Ianuzzi,” which didn’t really work very well. Then I thought of “I” and “guy” worked! It all fell into place.

What does the student council secretary do? Where can we see your work? Do you hope this leads into a career path?
The secretary specifically is in charge of keeping everything organized for the student council. Everything the student council does needs to be documented, so that’s where you can see my work. Aside from that, we work together a lot on all the big picture type stuff. Where you can see my work? You can look at the Google Doc, or you can see all the things that student council works on. Kings of the Campus DOES still exist.

This Spring, you stepped into the arts, and landed an ensemble role in MTS’s Grease. Why did you choose to do the show? What have you learned? What can you say about MTS as a whole?
A bunch of my friends were doing the show and I heard it was a great time. I like to try new things, so that was my incentive. It’s a lot more work than you think. A LOT of work goes into it behind the scenes that you wouldn’t really see. It’ s a great organization. There’s a lot of comradery that goes with it, like a sports team, and a lot of people might not see it that way.

You recently committed to The University of Richmond. What are you most excited for?
The college experience as a whole. New things. New stories. Everything that comes with being in college. Richmond is a great place to do that, so I am excited.

You’ve been called the “best storyteller at Malvern.” What goes into crafting a “John I story?”
Not much. It’s about being aware of the stories that happen in your life all the time. Looking around for opportunities is critical. It’s important to see how things could be funny or suspenseful. Believe that it’s a good story and you’ll tell it well. Oh and also talk slow.

What does Malvern mean to you? What advice can you give to the brothers who come next?
Malvern has meant everything to me. It’s really changed me. I’m not who I am when I first came here. It changed me for the better. As for advice? Try new things. Freshman year I wouldn’t have predicted doing the things that I done. Before high school I was a “totally-sports-athlete.” I In 8th grade I was 5’8 and I peaked athletically. It’s all about finding what you do like and finding what you don’t like.