Quidditch comes to Malvern


Harry Potter Snitch – harrypotter.wikia.com

Jack Marchesani

Harry Potter Snitch - harrypotter.wikia.com
Harry Potter Snitch – harrypotter.wikia.com

Led by the efforts of Student Council, the Malvern student body will participate in an event straight out of Harry Potter: Quidditch.

On Wednesday April 29th, student council will hold Malvern’s very first Quidditch tournament during the D schedule.

“Initially, the idea came up in our summer leadership meeting,” said Student Council moderator, Ms. Teresa Lohse. Lohse explained that Student Council has been working hard on organizing the tournament for several weeks.

According to Student Council President Ryan Doane ’15, extensive research was done by the Student Council in order to understand how the game was played.

Doane also explained that Mr. Muntz constructed the hoops necessary for the game, and Dr. Fry provided gowns for the players to wear.

The tournament will feature 8 teams, two from each grade. Students were asked to submit applications for teams in the weeks prior to the event, and teams were then selected from the groups that applied.

Many students were unsure of how Quidditch is actually played. Since the original sport featured in the book series had flying broomsticks, there were some obvious limitations.

On April 24 during Community Time, Student Council moderators Lohse and Dr. Joan D’Lugos held an informational meeting on the rules of the game.

“There are 7 people on a Quidditch team and everyone has an assigned position, the object of the game is to get the ball through any one of the three hoops and at the end of the game whoever either catches the snitch or has the most goals wins,” said Doane.

As excitement builds around the tournament both Malvern players and spectators alike are preparing for event.

Brendan O’Connor, Senior Class Representative, will be announcing for the event. He stated that the idea for a Quidditch tournament at Malvern didn’t actually come from the Harry Potter series, but instead from the 2013 Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn movie “The Internship.”

O’Connor demonstrated his announcing abilities by abruptly shouting, “Harry Potter’s got the snitch!” in a public setting. His excitement was obvious.

Drew Schantz ‘15, a varsity lacrosse player, will take a short break from his main sport to focus his attention on Quidditch. “I saw a Snapchat story of Quidditch and immediately I got hype,” said Schantz. “I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so I really wanted to play this game. I’ve also always wanted to fly so this is a close second.”

John Skrocki ‘16 said, “I’m extremely enthusiastic about the upcoming Quidditch tournament. I’ve thought of myself as a natural bludger.” Skrocki will be playing for junior team Blake Gryffindor.

Doane believes that “trying something and experiencing something new will be the best part.”