Does iOS 9 matter?

Alex Furtek

Malvern offers opinions on the new iOS 9 update for Apple products.

Jackson Powers ’19
It sucks. The new multitasking is too confusing. I accidentally close an app that I needed in order to complete assignments.

Sawyer May’17
It’s fine. It’s not that big of a difference from iOS 8. Low battery mode is probably my favorite part.

Alex Bull ’20
It is awesome. I can’t believe technology has advanced so much since I first came to malvern.

Mr. Steve Borish, Science Teacher
Overall, I think that it hasn’t changed dramatically. The one feature that I was excited about was the low power mode. However, I’ve noticed that my battery will drain extremely quickly with the new update. Previously, I could use my iPhone without charging for about 12 hours. Now, with the new update I can only use it for about 8-10 hours.

Nolan Rodgers ’19
I like it. It is very user-friendly but it also does get annoying. My battery lasts a max of 5 hours. Apple needs to find a way to help conserve battery and not use up so much storage.