State of the School: Februhairy 2016


Tommy Pero

Student Council has secured a new partnership and continues to plan more events on campus.

Student Council has organized a partnership with Villa Maria Academy for their annual THON and Talent Show event, according to Student Council President Alex Freud.

The event will take place on March 18 at Villa, according to an email sent to the Upper School. Malvern students can purchase a t-shirt, attend the event, and perform in the talent show.

Students interested in signing up to perform should complete the Google form attached to the email by March 8. To buy a ticket and/or t-shirt for the event, students should print out and complete the order form and bring it to Carney 206 between 8:00 and 8:15 by February 26.

Tickets to the dance and talent show and a t-shirt cost $25. Tickets to the dance and talent show without a t-shirt cost $15. Tickets to just the talent show cost $10. T-shirts without a ticket to the event cost $12, according to the order form.

Proceeds from the night will go to the Travis Manion Foundation, which helps assist veterans and families of fallen soldiers. The theme for the evening is Red, White, and Blue, according to the email.

Freud encourages Malvern students to attend the event and support the charity. “If Malvern and Villa could form a good relationship with this event, it could be very successful for years to come,” he said.

Student Council is running a drive for supplies for the Junior Christian Service Trips during the last week of February. An email from Dr. D’Lugos and signs posted around campus indicate the requested items, including school supplies, sports supplies, and children’s books.

Student Council is also planning another D Schedule tournament event for April, according to Freud.

What sport the D Schedule will involve is still being decided, but Freud ruled out one option. “No quidditch. I think everyone would appreciate no quidditch,” he said with a laugh.

Student Council planned a Winterfest Dance in January, but had to cancel the event due to not enough sold tickets. “It’s just one of those things,” Freud said. “We can’t force people to go, and people didn’t want to go. So, it just didn’t happen.”

In March, next year’s Student Council Executive Board will be elected. Freud said he is looking forward to the speeches and seeing who wins, but declined to endorse a candidate to replace him. “I’m sure everyone will do a great job,” he said.