Holy Hollywood, Batman!

Holy Hollywood, Batman!

Tom Ferrari

Remakes: Hollywood’s most hated aspect apart from the over use of Botox. A recent announcement of a superhero remake has everyone abuzz.

Many were excited when they learned that in the next Superman movie (Batman V. Superman, to be released in 2015) would also feature a Batman. Some were not as excited by the casting choice.

While most knew Christian Bale had no interest in donning the role again, many remained optimistic. However, social networking sites exploded when news came that Ben Affleck, better known for his roles in Good Will Hunting and Daredevil, would be the man to take over this superhero.

Malvern students were no exception to this, as Jacob Rebisz ’15 exclaimed, “This is absurd! Ben Affleck does NOT belong as Batman! He will surely disgrace the superhero we have grown to love in the Dark Knight trilogy!”

Others were okay with the decision, such as Dave Lynch ’16, who when asked about his opinion on the matter said, “Ben Affleck is playing Batman? Oh, okay, cool.”

No matter what side you’re on, it certainly is hard to ignore this hot pop culture topic!