PAYDAY 2: Game Review


Chase Bennett

You’ve never seen clowns like these.

Payday2coverAn intense, fast-paced bank robbing, car stealing, jewelry heisting game. Dressed as a clown, your objective is to make the most dough without being busted by the Feds.

The PAYDAY Gang consists of Dallas, Wolf, Hoxton and Chains – men dressed in the scariest clown masks you’ve ever seen and in their signature blue surgeon gloves and finely tailored suits – you can’t miss ‘em.

A well put together storyline puts this game as one of my favorites. The vast amounts of Downloadable Content (DLC) like Counterfeit and Hoxton’s Breakout allow you to expand the storyline further than ever.

My favorite mission is Counterfeit. Your job? Disguise yourself as a pool repair man and raid a political mastermind’s basement where he is making millions with a printer. You can steal the printer for yourself and even some cash if you want to.

Most missions consist of lots of lead and lots of money. Some missions involve assassinating a political kingpin or taking down the cartel. But how can you make money from things like these? Contract Payment.

Every time you agree to do a mission, you sign an in-game contract. When you complete the mission, you receive the in-game cash agreed upon. Cash values depend heavily on what difficulty you choose.

Death Wish, the hardest difficulty, rated four out of four skulls is by far the best way to have fun on big missions. High risk, high reward as they say.

Another way to get the most out of this game is to choose to do missions stealthy or loud.

Going loud means you’re wearing heavy armor with guns blazin’ and chainsaws roarin’. Take down as many guards and cops as you can without being taken into custody but remember to grab the cash!

Going stealthy involves sneaking behind boxes and taking out the guards silently! You can’t kill too many though as you have to answer their pagers and you are only allowed four “pager answers” per run. While heisting, try not to be spotted by any cameras or guards for too long or the alarms will sound.

Make sure to take a look at your offshore account in game too! 80% of every pay you get goes straight to your account. This account is used to descend the levels of infamy or prestiges. Once you reach level 100 you can go into Infamy I Level I and start all over.

The other 20% goes to your spending cash that you can spend on weapons, masks and attachments to make you the coolest bandit in town.

With the endless missions and customizable weapons and masks, this ranks on my top list of must-have games. Perfect for when you are tired of working and just want to rob some banks.