“Deadpool” is dark, risky film


William Schaffer

Marvel’s most risky film to date takes a much darker path than previous movies from the franchise, receiving the only R rating ever.

DeadpoolThe “Deadpool” story is based around a less than likely hero, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), who finds out he is terminally ill with cancer and seeks to save his own life by becoming a mutant.

However, this is not the pleasant origin story we are used to as Ryan Reynold’s character receives various forms of torture to “unlock” his mutant abilities. The rest of the film is spent with a bombardment of hilarious remarks from his character as well as a revenge story to find the man who led the torture of Reynolds.

Warning: This film is not for the faint of heart. Gore and blood play major roles in this movie as well as darker than what can be considered the norm for humor.

Either way, if you’re interested in getting a great laugh while watching a film that sarcastically picks fun at the rest of the Marvel Universe, you’re in luck!

For a main character being a CGI, they did a great job of making the movie more than realistic. Reynolds does a fantastic job of taking over the movie followed by some great acting from the side roles as well. The soundtrack selection provides a strong compliment to the film.

If you love gore and dirty jokes (which I know many teenage boys do), this will probably be one of the best movies you will watch this year.