State of the School: March 2016


Tommy Pero

Take a look at what Student Council is doing and how the new executive board is getting ready for next year.

Malvern’s Student Council is working on more events for the rest of the year and helping to prepare next year’s Student Council.

Student Council is planning a D-Schedule sports event for April. Student Council President Alex Freud said they are leaning towards indoor soccer but nothing is definite yet

On Friday, March 18, the Voices for Veterans fundraiser to benefit the Travis Manion Foundation took place. Malvern’s Student Council worked with Villa’s student council to plan the event, which included a dance and talent show, throughout the year.

Freud said in the past that he wanted to create a partnership between Malvern and Villa’s student council to pass on to future generations of Malvern and future students.

“We’re hoping it’ll go well and then next year, they’ll have to decide — the new executive board — if they want to continue doing it,” Freud said before the event.

The new Student Council Executive Board for the 2016 to 2017 school year was announced on Monday, March 8. The new Executive Board consists of the following juniors: Rich Heany will serve as President, Alex Reber will serve as Vice President, Marc Nowlan will serve as Secretary, and Justin Titchnell will serve as Events Chair.

Both Nowlan and Titchnell ran unopposed. Juniors Ryan Franks and Jack Pettit also ran for president, but were not elected to a position.

Freud and the current student council are already working with next year’s leadership

“We had a meeting with [the new Executive Board] the other day,” Freud said. “We kind of scheduled for next year. We just kind of ran them through what to expect. I’ll know they’ll do big things next year.